Last week, Jove and I did the Arduino. We followed the instructions in the box carefully, so fortunately, I survived without watching the video.XD I assembled the units while Jove did the coding part.We used the Arduino to play Little Star, make the light bulb glowed pinkly^ ^It was super fun

〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜


Earth Primer

This App is so cool!! Chaim Gingold is so cool!!!!Both I and Raymond are going to introduce it to geography teachers in our schools. It’s good for teaching because we can experience the knowledge of the earth ourselves and it’s very fun. There’s only one problem: we don’t have macbooks or iPads at school, so it might be hard for schools to use this App. I think Chaim should probably make versions for Android and Windows in the future so that more people can enjoy it.Also, it would be so exciting if we can create our own planet!!!

Thank you, Chaim!!

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Final Project

1.Food Problem

Yesterday I saw many kinds of food in Exploratorium cafe. They all looked tasty, but I only had 10 bucks and couldn’t afford all the food I wanted. How could I get good food as much as possible with my 10 bucks?


It’s an interactive program. Each kind of the food has a price, you can input their values(how much you like it, from 0 to 10). It will figure out what kind of food you should get to make them most valuable.

We have many decisions to make every day. This program helps people make most values with limited resources. It’s like the knapsack problem.


2.Dear Daniel and Hello Kitty


Oh,no!! Hello Kitty is kidnapped by a Harvard guy. Her boyfriend Dear Daniel is dying to save her…Dear Daniel is a student in Stanford. He starts from Stanford. There are many villains on his way to Harvard. He has to get through the villains( kill them) and save Hello Kitty on time. Please help him find the shortest way to kill villains and go to Harvard.


If Hello Kitty gets saved, she’ll marry Dear Daniel. They will go shopping or take many pictures in Paris for their honeymoon.They will be happy ever after.



However, if Hello Kitty doesn’t get saved, she’ll die. And Dear Daniel will kill himself and die in guilt.How sad it is!


It’s a higher version of Mousey’s Travels, incorporating romantic elements. It’s interactive. Users can choose AI or to play it themselves.They use keyboard to move. If they win the game, they also have to make a choice between shopping and photography. It’s hard to decide because both options are very attractive, but you have to choose one. This is life.


It’s the love story that I didn’t finish. Two guys want a beautiful girl called Angel to be their girlfriend. One is rich while the other is poor but smart. Only the one who has spirits of a designer can get her heart. The spirits of a designer is what we learned from the lock game.

This is Angel.20130425031750553




Visual Sorting

Anastasia, Jove and I made a sorting program. We made the cheesesticks yellow because the mouse likes yellow cheesesticks~Don’t they look delicious?:p You can see clearly how it works. And you can also pause and reset it.



Here’s the link:Visual Sorting



My favorite actor Benedict Cumberbatch acts as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game(actually he’s always acting as geniuses..)!! I’m going to watch it with all his fans in my class after I go back to China~

ae51f3deb48f8c546c0269bd38292df5e1fe7f4b<—-He’s so hot!!!!!

Alan Turing is known as ““Father of Theoretical Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence“. He designed Turing Machine and Turing Test.His Turing test was a significant, characteristically provocative and lasting contribution to the debate regarding artificial intelligence, which continues after more than half a century.He also invented the LU decomposition method in 1948, used today for solving matrix equations.


Here’s the link to his paper Computing Machinery and Intelligence.


Stone Librande

   Here are what I’ve learned from Stone Librande.

  • Make a game for yourself and your friends.
  • Pick a theme.
  • Use other game pieces or toys.
  • Fail fast and fail often.
  • Start small.
  • Follow the fun.

  These are good suggestions for not only game designing but also life.Thank Stone (although I forgot to ask him how to win in Spore TnT). He’s so cool!!I want a father who can design games for me, too…