Yesterday’s JS IF


Yesterday, Fang and I did different part of our IF. My job was to code while Fang searched for some stories about the history of computer.

However, after I finished inputting all the codes, Fang told me I didn’t really need to do that, because he had already found the codes on Git Hub…(/TДT)/ And what we actually needed to do was to replace the old stories with an article about computer history. I think Fang did do a good job in it. Though it was frustrating that my codes were useless, I thought it was a great opportunity for me to practice coding, and I learned a lot about how HTML works.(^_^)


2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s JS IF

  1. don’t think your code was useless! you learned a lot in the process, even though the code wasn’t used for anything in the end. A lot of computer science will be writing up a lot of code that you A) won’t ever end up using or B) will have found a better way to execute. keep up the consistent work =)


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